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About me.

I have loved drawing pretty ladies and their clothes all my life. First entranced by fairy tales like Cinderella, I later was inspired by the movie costumes from Hollywood's golden age. I even fancied becoming a designer like Bob Mackie.

In 1980 I moved to Florida and attended the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale to train as a fashion illustrator. Unfortunately by graduation two years later, this was no longer in demand. My love for vintage fashion however, led me to the paper doll world quite by accident. I had played with them as a child and drawn a few of my own, but had no idea they were still being created as an art form.

I was turned onto a newsletter group called the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild, and through that learned about self-publishing and networking. I found out there were conventions held annually for collectors and artists, my first one was in 1988.

Since then I've been a contributing editor to Paper Doll Studio News (successor to the Guild), designed paper dolls for magazines and convention souvenirs, created a number of books for Dover Publishing, and sold my own work on this website (now in it's 20th year).

I live in a small town in Indiana, home is a Victorian House built in 1891. I share it with my husband, my mom, an elderly cat, and my collections of antique clothing.

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