HOW TO ORDER, Brenda Sneathen Mattox's paper dolls

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FREE SHIPPING available for US orders only of 8 sets or more.
Shipping for all other orders, US 7 sets or less, Canada, and Overseas orders.
US Orders - $9.95 priority mail.
International Orders (including Canada) - $19.95 priority mail.

secure shopping cart Each gallery and archive on the website has all the information for ordering, including price and postage. printable order form

For credit card ordering each paper doll set in the gallery or archive has highly visible links to a secure on-line shopping cart service, PayPal Payments, or Credit Cards through PayPal.
order form Ordering through the mail is available. Payment must be by check or money orders. The "order form" button will link directly to the printable order form. The order form buttons are visible for every paper doll set in the galleries or archives. order form

My E-mail address is

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