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[Fancy Ephemera Spokesperson] Lotta Kuttupz says- "Print out this page that includes the order form below. Select the paper doll sets that interest you, total up the sets you wish to purchase, and add the correct mailing charge to the sub-total for the total amount to send. Remember, that shipping is free, if you are buying any 4 paper dolls sets.

Then mail me your order form together with a check or money order for the total amount."

If you prefer, using a credit card to order your paper dolls, each paper doll set, in every gallery or archive, has a highly visible link for secure shopping cart ordering through CCNow.

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Alphabetical Product List for Fancy Ephemera Paper Dolls:
Product Name Price Quantity
18CENHOLLYWOOD 18th Century Hollywood fashions (9 pages) $15.00  
ALICEFAYE Alice Faye $6.00  
ANNAHELD Anna Held, Ziegfeld Girl (color) $35.00  
ARTSCHOOLCHIC Art School Chic $8.00  
BALLGOWNSBYJAMES Ballgowns by Charles James $10.00  
BARBARALAMARR Barbara Lamarr $4.00  
BEACHBELLE Beach Belle, Victorian Bathing Beauty, color $30.00  
BECKYSHARP Becky Sharpe, Starring Miriam Hopkins, color $35.00  
GOWNS1820S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1820's $8.00  
GOWNS1830S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1830's $8.00  
GOWNS1840S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1840's $8.00  
GOWNS1850S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1850's $8.00  
GOWNS1860S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1860's $8.00  
GOWNS1870S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1870's $8.00  
GOWNS1880S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1880's $8.00  
GOWNS1890S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1890's $8.00  
GOWNS1900S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1900's $8.00  
GOWNS1910S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1910's $8.00  
GOWNS1920S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1920's $8.00  
GOWNS1930S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1930's $8.00  
GOWNS1940S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1940's $8.00  
GOWNS1950S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1950's $8.00  
GOWNS1960S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1960's $8.00  
GOWNS1970S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1970's $8.00  
GOWNS1980S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1980's $8.00  
GOWNS1990S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 1990's $8.00  
GOWNS2000S Beautiful Bridal Gowns of the 2000's $8.00  
Belle Of Possum Trot Belle Of Possum Trot $35.00  
BILLIEDOVE Billie Dove $40.00  
BUFFALOGALS Buffalo Gals $30.00  
BRIDESMAID Bridesmaid Dresses, fun sequel to wacky wedding gowns $6.00  
CAPTAINSCARLET Captain Scarlet, fashionable yet swashbuckling $5.00  
CENTURYHAUTE 2Oth Century Haute Couture designer fashions $8.00  
CINDERELLAPAPERDOLL Cinderella Paper Dolls & 17th Century Costumes $8.00  
CLEOTHEDA Cleopatra starring Theda Bara (full color, 5 pages) $40.00  
DEBBIEREYNOLDS Debbie Reynolds, wears... (color) $40.00  
DEHAVILLAND Olivia De Havilland - Films With Flynn (color) $40.00  
DESIGNER FASHIONS, 1896 Designer Fashions, 1896 (color) $35.00  
DIOR OPENING, 1947 Dior Opening, 1947 $8.00  
ELEANORDASHWOOD Eleanor Dashwood, from Sense and Sensibility $30.00  
ELLENDEMOREST Ellen Demorest - Inventor of Tissue Paper Pattern $5.00  
ELIZABETHTAYLOR Elizabeth Taylor in Raintree County (color) $40.00  
EMMA Jane Austen's Emma (color) $35.00  
EMPRESSELIS Empress Elisabeth of Austria (color) $35.00  
EUGENIE Empress Eugenie, Queen of France (color) $35.00  
FAIRYGODCOLOR Fairy Godmother Color $40.00  
FANNY Fanny (Color) $30.00  
FASHION FADS - BOOK Fashion Fads (Color book) $10.00  
FAVORITEMUSICALS My Favorite Musicals (Color) $35.00  
FASHION1973 Fashion as I saw it in 1973 $12.00  
GLORIASWANSON Gloria Swanson $5.00  
GOINGOSCAR Going to the Oscars $3.00  
GOLDENTALES Golden Tales - Gordon Laite $25.00  
GREER GARSON Greer Garson in Pride and Prejudices $35.00  
GWTWCOLLECTION The GWTW Collection $4.00  
HEIRLOOMWEDDING Heirloom Wedding $8.00  
HOLLYWOODBRIDE2 Hollywood Brides part 2 $7.00  
HOLLYWOODBRIDES Hollywood Brides $12.00  
HOLLYWOODGLAM Hollywood Glamour $8.00  
JEANETTE MACDONALD Jeanette MacDonald's wedding 1937 $20.00  
JUDYGARLANDGLORY Judy Garland, The Glory Years $40.00  
LADIES IN RED - BOOK Fashion Fads (Color book) $13.00  
LOVEOFLACE Love Of Lace - Book (COLOR) $12.00  
LITTLEBLACK The Little Black Dress $6.00  
MAEMURRAY Mae Murray (color) $35.00  
MARIEANTOINETTE Marie Antoinette, starring Norma Shearer (color). $40.00  
MILLENNIUMBRIDE Millennium Bride $5.00  
MISTRESSDARCY Misstress Darcy(color) $35.00  
MOREPLUNKETT More Gowns By Plunkett (color) $35.00  
MRSFRANKLESLIE Mrs. Frank Leslie $6.00  
MYWEDDINGGOWNCOLLECTION My Wedding Gown Collection $12.00  
NAUGHTYGIRLS Naughty Girls, Pinups book (COLOR) $13.00  
NEWORLEANSBELLE New Orleans Belle $8.00  
ORANGEBLOSSOM Orange Blossom Special $6.00  
OSCARAUCTION Fabulous Oscar Auction Dresses $5.00  
PLUNKETT Gowns by Plunkett from Hollywoods golden age $15.00  
QUEENEMMA Queen Emma of Hawaii $40.00  
QUEENMAUDE Queen Maude of Norway $45.00  
REALBRIDES Real Princess Brides $8.00  
REDCARPETFASH Red Carpet Fashions $8.00  
ROMANTICHERO The Romantic Hero $35.00  
ROYALBRIDESMAIDS Royal Bridesmaids $10.00  
SCARLETT1888 Scarlett, 15 Years Later $3.00  
SCARLETTOHARA Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With The Wind $15.00  
SCHIAPARELLI The Shocking Fashions of Elsa Schiaparelli (color) $35.00  
SELZNICK Selznick's Heroines $10.00  
SEPTEMBER VOGUE September Vogue $6.00  
SEPTEMBER VOGUE 2006 September Vogue 2006 $8.00  
SEPTEMBER VOGUE 2007 September Vogue 2007 $8.00  
SEPTEMBER VOGUE 2008 September Vogue 2008 $8.00  
SEPTEMBER VOGUE 2009 September Vogue 2009 $8.00  
SEPTEMBER VOGUE 2010 September Vogue 2010 $8.00  
SEPTEMBER VOGUE 2011 September Vogue 2010 $8.00  
THEMERRYWIDOW The Merry Widow $12.00  
THEPRINCESSES The Princesses of Wales $12.00  
TOMTIERNEY Tom Tierney Tribute, from 2008 National Paper Doll Convention $20.00  
VICTORIA AND ALBERT Victoria and Albert $8.00  
WACKYWEDGOWNS Wacky Wedding Gowns $8.00  
WHATSHOES What Shoes Shall I Wear (Edwardian Lady)(Color) $10.00  
WHATSHOES1920S What Shoes Shall I Wear (1920's Lady)(Color) $10.00  
ZIEGPDFAN Ziegfeld Girl Paper Doll Fan $30.00  
Sub-Total of all Paper Doll sets  
FREE SHIPPING available for US orders only of 8 sets or more.
Shipping for all other orders, US 7 sets or less, Canada, and Overseas orders..
US Orders - $9.95 priority mail
Canada Orders - $19.95 mail
Overseas Orders - $19.95 mail  
Total Amount
for Paper Dolls
and Postage

Thank you for shopping! Remember us, tell your friends, and come back again soon!
- Brenda Sneathen Mattox...
"Keeping TABS on Historical Fashion"

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